Management Coaching

Painting of Cortical Columns by Gregg Dunn

Cortical Columns – 21K, 18K, and 12K gold, ink, dye, and mica on aluminized panel, by Greg A Dunn

Mary Ovenstone, MPhil in Management Coaching (USB), has offered Executive, Management and Team Coaching for several of South Africa’s top companies and government departments.

Mary uses cutting edge brain-based coaching methods and EQ tools to coach and mentor business and government leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs.

She draws on her own 12 years of senior management experience in North America in corporate communications and television production, and her 20 years of business coaching experience, and on her research for her Master’s thesis into the neuroscience of coaching.

She specializes in providing leaders with a fertile thinking space in which to develop self-awareness, to consider ways to self-manage, to understand and communicate with others, and to strategize and make decisions.

She assists clients to develop resilience and balanced lives, to navigate successful careers, to develop self-presentation skills, to handle stress and manage anger, as well as to optimize the cultural and gender diversity of the 21st Century workplace.

Mary comes alive in diverse and generative environments. Lawyers, educators and artists find as much resonance with her methods as do corporate executives and government leaders.


  • Retirement: She helps people navigate this life-stage transition, celebrating the achievements of their career, deciding on future work and volunteer prospects, analysing their health, spirituality and finances.
  • Legal Professionals: She has considerable experience coaching senior associates or partners in law firms, judges, as well as corporate attorneys. She understands the highly stressful and competitive workplace, the self-containment pressures of the courtroom, and the lifestyle stresses of the billable hour.
  • Entrepreneurs: She coaches entrepreneurs, artists and other coaches to navigate their careers. She understands the calculated risks and effective self-presentation skills that challenge the self-employed.
  • Career Coaching: She helps clients analyse their career development thus far and to make choices for their futures in alignment with their life purpose.
  • Team Coaching: Mary’s company Brain Exchange Solutions have participated in corporate and government interventions in which they coached management teams and presented leadership development workshops.
  • Online Coaching: All coaching may take place in person or online via Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp video calls. (see online coaching