Talks And Workshops

Mary Speaking at TEDx

Ovenstone has given talks and workshops internationally her entire adult life on topics related to personal development or workplace issues. The following are topics of talks and workshops she has given.

For the general public:

Reach your dreams

  • Male and Female brains–incompatible or complementary? Finally understanding the opposite sex!
  • 21st Century Relationship Plan (including ‘Yours, mine and ours: a model for financial management’, ‘Zoning: a model for work-life balance’, Parenting and family systems model, Keeping sex alive.)
  • Relationship skills (including communications skills, conflict resolutions and anger management skills, sexuality)

For Business Leaders and Teams:

  • 21st Century Leadership Development
  • Male and Female Collaborative Decision-making
  • Team Building
  • Emotional Processing Skills for the Workplace
  • Maximizing Female Thinking in the workplace
  • Gender Diversity
  • Midlife in Business
  • Neuroplasticity: How to make changes that stick

For Communications, Marketing, Advertising and Sales Professionals:

  • How the brain makes buying decisions (for advertisers and marketers)
  • Not just making it pink–marketing optimally to women
  • Archetypal Branding
  • Changing motivations during life stages
  • The Creative Process for Creative Teams: Group process dynamics to facilitate original creation

For Lawyers and legal professionals:

  • Optimizing female legal professionals (including dealing effectively with the billable hour)
  • Understanding clients of both sexes
  • How the client’s brain reacts to conflict in litigation

Professional Development Courses for Coaches:

  • Relationship Coaching (2-day comprehensive course)
  • Optimizing Male and Female Brain Distinctions in Coaching
  • Neuroplasticity: How the Mind Changes the Brain for Good