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The female brain is geared for complex thinking and reasoning, weighing all their options, carefully and thoroughly as discussed in my last blog. It can also be concluded that where women look for and remember context, men look for and remember factual content. I’m very interested about the relatively new branch of neuroscience called Neuroplasticity, […]

The Female Brain Mary Ovenstone

The Female Brain

As stated in an earlier blog post the male brain is left hemisphere bias and that they often bond through actions rather than words. In the same instance the female brain excels at receiving information from both hemispheres concurrently through thoughts, feelings and words. They are capable of processing complex emotional and sensual information, and […]

The Male Brain Mary Ovenstone

The Male Brain

So after 1000’s of years of evolution the male neurobiology was adapted to ‘outdoor thinking,’ and have only come’ indoors’ since the Industrial Revolution whereas female neurobiology has naturally adapted to nurturing, educating and managing people and processes, as discussed in my previous post. The male brain excels at abstract conceptualizing which is left hemisphere […]

Neurobiology Mary Ovenstone

Neurobiology – The Big Differences

In my previous blog post I explained in short that neuroscientists have found that the 8% difference between the male and female brain has already generated over 100 differences with this number still growing as more and more research is done. It goes without saying that after 1000s of years of evolution, the male neurobiology […]

Neuroplasticity overview - Mary Ovenstone

Overview of Brain Differences & Neuroplasticity

As I briefly explained in my previous blog post, there’s an 8% difference between the female and male brain, which seems like very little until you consider that the difference the 2-5% 8% difference between a human and chimpanzee brain where we share 95 to 98 percent of the same DNA, according to the Jane […]