Relationship Coaching

5 ways to improve your relationship

Plan a date once each week. Romance each other like you did in the beginning. Tip: Don’t talk about any of your relationship problems or it will become hard work. Plan on a relationship meeting once a week. Discuss relationship issues, make important decisions and resolve any conflicts. Tip: Agree on an agenda and be […]

Oxytocin Mary Ovenstone

Oxytocin: The love hormone

You may have heard lots on TV and in magazine articles lately about Oxytocin, the love chemical in the brain. Dr. Oz on Oprah, Dr. John Gray in his latest book on relationship between Mars and Venus, The Doctors on TV, are all mentioning it. This feel-good chemical, generated in both the brain and the […]

How women and men think and feel Mary Ovenstone

How women and men really think and feel

Only in the last five years Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs) have isolated the differences between the way male and female brains actually work. You’d be surprised how different we actually are. Neuroscience can finally put paid to some of our myths about each other, and we can finally usher in a stage of new learning […]